Message from one of our members

As an 80 year old who reads no magazine or newspaper, watches no television, and listens to no radio, nevertheless hears most of the news from friends, I’m suddenly woken up to the danger of young pregnant women, encouraged by pressures from school or family in our present state of controlled, economic oriented bureaucracy, to abort their child.

I believe, having experienced the effect of three abortions on my former wife, – two of which were previous to my meeting her, – that this is possibly the most devastating thing that may happen to a woman, while the norms of our present world brazenly ignore the possible years of guilt, shame, regret, unspoken inner turmoil, and above all, the law of our Creator.

I believe that if I want it, He will A L W A Y S find a solution to A N Y problem I may bring to Him, although I may have to radically change my way of being.

I also believe that any woman who dares to keep her child will always be helped with joy to bring this unborn infant through to maturity.

I see children in the womb as alive as I am and I look back on the testimony of a four year old who died after suffering an inoperable peritonitis but days later was brought back to life. He described being with Jesus in Heaven and meeting his grandfather and then astonished his Dad who had never told him of how his mother had lost a daughter in a miscarriage, of how much he longed to meet his sister whom he’d seen there.

A child in the womb is indeed a child.