Welcome to the Right to Life Association of Western Australia

We have been operating in Western Australia for more than 40 years now, fighting for the right to life of every person, born or unborn, from conception all the way to life’s natural end.

Our society has changed markedly in that time, but the basic right of all human beings – the right to life – has never changed.

The Right to Life Association of Western Australia believes in the culture of life, and we believe that our laws are now starting to promote a culture of death. This is unacceptable to most informed people, regardless of whether they hold religious beliefs or whether they lead a secular lifestyle.

It is the word ‘informed’ that is the key. We have found that when people actually know what is happening in abortion clinics, when they know how many babies are dying, when they become aware of how much profit is being made by abortion clinics, when they realize the true plans for those promoting a culture of death, they generally become pro-life people.

Whilst our members continue to respect the rights of women, we don’t believe they justify the death of a child. Whilst our members do not judge or condemn, and whilst our members know how tough situations can be for families or others, we know that if people just get the help, advice and information they need, most would choose life for their child.

We also know that when people finally realise how racist abortion is, and how it is based on eugenicist principles, and the devastating and lifelong effect it has on mothers, fathers and families they turn away from supporting the horror of abortion.

The Right to Life Association is also aware that the same thing happens when people really examine what has happened overseas in countries where euthanasia has been legalised. The idea of a peaceful death seems so attractive, but the reality is quite different. It is often not about choice, and it denies the right and obligation our society has to maintain and protect life.

We will never stop working to protect life. Whilst the law may change and whilst we will always strive to comply with the law that doesn’t mean we will stop fighting for life – and we do so in four main ways:

  1. Education
  2. Information
  3. Counselling
  4. Political Lobbying

And of course we support the work of like-minded organisations.

If you would like to be part of our campaign, we invite you to join the Right to Life Association of Western Australia. You can be a very active campaigner or a passive supporter. You can help in the office or you can simply offer us financial support. Whatever you decide we urge you to act now. Your support has never been more important than it is right now.

Join us!

You are most welcome!

Our mission

Right to Life Western Australia (WA) seeks to protect and advocate for life from conception to its natural end. Motivated by our Christian faith and compassion we create and distribute relevant, well-researched written and visual material that educates, informs and convinces Western Australians and their law-makers.

Our history

Since 1979, Right to Life WA has been a space for like-minded, individuals to work together in promoting and advocating for life from conception until its natural end. The organisation has hosted numerous pro-life conferences, with Mother Theresa as the key-note speaker in 1981. From its beginning, Right to Life WA has created and distributed written and visual content in communities across WA, lobbied politicians and counselled those affected by unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

Our constitution

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Let’s work together!