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The Record is one of Australia’s oldest weekly publications, established in 6 July, 1874, covering news, features and perspectives from and for the Catholic community of Western Australia. The Record occasionally publishes special editions focusing on themes of interest and importance to our readers and the community, with past special editions focusing on the death and election of popes, canonisations of saints, vocations and the role of young people in the Church. Read the latest news
Right to Life Association of Western Australia is pleased to host Abundant Life magazine. Please read and pass the magazine on to all your contacts. Note that paper copies are available at the Right to Life Association of WA office.
“Take courage! God has healing in store for you; so take courage” (Tb. 5:10) Read the latest bi-monthly newsletter of the ‘Victims of Abortion’ group. Victims of Abortion operate in Perth and Melbourne. They provide a desperately needed counselling service for those who have had an abortion and are grieving. Victims of abortion can be contacted via their website: www.victimsofabortion.com.au or by emailing Anne Lastman directly on anne@victimsofabortion.com.au The Right to Life Association of Western Australia fully supports the work of this group.