Bequests: what is the plan when you finally cark it?

We all make jokes about what happens to us when we die. The black humour can relieve our anxiety and emphasise our awareness of the temporary nature of life.

Death is not so much a problem for Christians because we know what will happen to us, although it can be a very sad time for those we leave behind. For those without a faith it is a much more troubling thing – and our heart goes out to them.

But for anyone, the knowledge that we are going to die is also a reminder that we need to put our affairs in order. We need to make our peace with the Lord, we need to make sure we have forgiven everyone we think may have wronged us on this mortal coil. And we need to pay our debts.

And of course, we must make a will. There may be specific things we want to give to a special friend or relative, but we must consider what to do with the rest of our estate.

Most spouses will leave their estate to their partner, and thence to their children. This is a good thing. The Bible tells us that we should make sure we have left an inheritance for our children’s children (Proverbs 13:22) although this is not as important as spiritual inheritance and in any case inheritance can lead to greed (Luke 12:13–21).

We also know that nothing we do, say, build, create or write comes to anything on Earth, so sometimes it can be a bit of an ego thing to try to continue our possessions or acts via our last testament. However, you can use your estate to help others who are doing God’s will. We believe that the Right to Life Association of Western Australia is doing God’s will in defending life from conception to its natural end and we ask that you help us continue to do that through your estate.

Provide for your family. Give them what they need. And if you have any left over please consider a bequest to the RTLAWA.

Here is some wording you might like to use in your will


I give, devise and bequeath to:

The Right to Life Association of Western Australia

of 138 Bennett Street East Perth WA 6004

ABN: 67722593712


The sum of $XXX XXX for the general purposes of the Right to Life Association of Western Australia

What does the Right to Life Association of WA do with your donations and membership fees?