Redemptorist Monastery
Sat, 27 Jul 10:00
The Seven Churches Walk for Life is modelled on the same walk in Rome. Perth's Seven Churches Walk for Life is 8.6km long, starting at the Redemptorist Monastery in North Perth and proceeding clockwise to finish at the starting line, but participants can start and finish at any of the churches along the way. You can do the whole walk in one go, or you can do part of the walk, stop for coffee, shopping or a chat, or perhaps to spend time at one or the other of the churches, before resuming your walk. The Seven Churches are: Redemptorist…

President’s articles

The first President and founder of the Right to Life Association Peter O’Meara will be remembered for his passion for the gift of life. Mr O’Meara passed away on Good […]
Those children who survive an abortion should be given medical help, not left to suffer and die alone, a death that can take hours whilst they struggle to breathe. This […]
WARNING: this not for viewing by young children and for teenagers only under adult supervision. Although animated, this is still graphic and violent. There is no way we can make […]
…but only through a statistically invalid research survey – with the results reported in parrot fashion by a compliant media. Do you remember the days when reporters worked as investigators […]
The Rally For Life May 2023 was a great success, thank you to those who participated and made it a truly meaningful event. Pictures are available in the members area, […]
As the state seeks to  “modernise” abortion laws, call for an end to disability discrimination which leads to so many babies with Down Syndrome being killed. Click on the picture […]
The procedure for killing a 24-week-old unborn baby The abortionist, after draining the uterus of the amniotic fluid that was protecting the child, inserts a claw-like instrument into the womb. […]

Member experiences

Read Anouska Firth’s response (a Right To Life WA member) to the West Australian article (Mon, 19 December 2022) by Bonney Corbin on Google’s abortion advertisement ban. Dear Ms Corbin, […]
Good afternoon, My name is Anouska Firth, I am 35 years old and have known Perth, Western Australia as home, for my entire life. This video is my submission to […]
Under police permit conditions, a vigil is permitted on the first Saturday of each month at the Nanyara Abortion clinic in Rivervale, but only ten people may attend at any […]
It was a warm day on the prayer vigil line in Sayer Street Midland. I was standing by myself on the street verge on the right of the driveway into […]
It was a hot day on the vigil line at Midland. Then again, it is usually hot during the Lent vigil. This is Perth Western Australia after all, even if […]
It must have been a slow day at the abortion mill because a woman was outside the clinic attaching sheets of plastic to the fence. She greeted me quite cordially […]
A day on the vigil line is never dull. That is to say, there is very rarely a shift when you just get to pray and then go home. There […]
Message from one of our members As an 80 year old who reads no magazine or newspaper, watches no television, and listens to no radio, nevertheless hears most of the […]

Community and beyond

Baby Olivia was created by Live Action and reviewed by accredited OBGYNs to show audiences the spectacular life of a baby growing within the womb. With scientific accuracy, this video […]
Those children who survive an abortion should be given medical help, not left to suffer and die alone, a death that can take hours whilst they struggle to breathe. This […]
Watch this video between the Canadian Prime Minister and a Pro-Life advocate. The commentator explains towards the end how to counter the rape argument.
This is probably the world’s first anti-abortion stand-up routine. The comedian does a good job and uses satire very effectively to get the message across. Watch the video:
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ACL’s new CEO, Michelle Pearse, has arrived in Australia from the UK and has hit the ground running! Michelle joins a significant crowd on the steps of parliament for Western […]

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