About Euthanasia Prevention Kit (EPK)

For nearly fifty years the Right to Life Association of Western Australia has worked to defend the sanctity of human life in the womb. In more recent years our work has also focused on the fight to defend life near the time of its natural end. Laws have been passed, or are being passed, in all Australian states that provide for euthanasia in certain circumstances. Immediately following the passing of these laws a public campaign commences to extend their operation creating a culture of creeping euthanasia. It is of great concern to many, especially Christians, who know that life is the first gift of the Lord and want that gift respected through the level of medical treatment they receive in a medical emergency or at the end of their life.

RTLAWA’s latest tool to fight this creeping euthanasia is the Euthanasia Protection Kit. It is designed to help people know their rights, to help them select a guardian and to assist them in informing their family of their decision. Through use of the kit, the RTLAWA holds information relevant to each person, such as next of kin, medical details, contact details and much more. There is also physical evidence of a person’s desire to have their life maintained to its natural end, through use of a bracelet and a notice for your handbag or wallet. And 24 hours a day we are a source of information to medical personnel seeking confirmation of their patient’s wishes.

Would you like to know more about the Kit? Call our office as soon as you can and we will make an appointment for one of our volunteers to come and talk to you.. You can also leave your details online and at the same time complete a short survey on the EPK for us.

Our website is www.righttolifewa.com.au