Do you find yourself agreeing with many of the arguments supporting abortion but at the same time you know that nothing justifies the death of an innocent child?

Are you the one who empathises with those poor Mums who are faced with terrible difficulties because of their pregnancy? Are you the one who knows how hard it can be for them? They are often faced with financial hardship, perhaps their husband or boyfriend is coercing them into having an abortion, perhaps they are worried about their career or their family is putting pressure on them. Perhaps they are a single Mum, maybe their baby is sick or perhaps they simply afraid. Are you the one who wants to help them, perhaps you are the one who agrees they need a solution, but at the same time you know that none of those problems can justify the death of a child?

Are you the one who cannot accept that doctors and clinics can make enormous profits from killing babies, whilst Mums are not given the government help they need so they can choose to keep their children?

Are you the one who would like to speak up for life, but you are afraid for your own career, or worried that you will be publicly ridiculed for taking a stand?

Perhaps you don’t have any faith in God, or your faith has waned and you think you will seem like a hypocrite if you say anything about abortion?

Are you the one who looks on people praying for an end to abortion outside clinics or protesting at Parliament House and you think they are crazy, self-serving God botherers – yet in the back of your mind, in your quietest moments, when you are really honest with yourself- you know they are right?

Perhaps you have had an abortion yourself and you haven’t forgiven yourself? Perhaps you even worked in an abortion clinic once and you just can’t stop the nightmares that keep happening to you?

Then we need you! Join us! You can simply donate to our cause or perhaps become a member. You can be as active or as quiet a member as you like. But join us! You can help save a child’s life. You can help support Dads who want to save their children. And you can help Mums get the help they deserve. The help they need to be able to choose life for their children.

It will be the start of a wonderful change in your life.