Baby Olivia was created by Live Action and reviewed by accredited OBGYNs to show audiences the […]
Those children who survive an abortion should be given medical help, not left to suffer and […]
Watch this video between the Canadian Prime Minister and a Pro-Life advocate. The commentator explains towards […]
This is probably the world’s first anti-abortion stand-up routine. The comedian does a good job and […]
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ACL’s new CEO, Michelle Pearse, has arrived in Australia from the UK and has hit the […]
#InHerShoes is a campaign by Emily’s Voice, inviting readers and participants to walk in the shoes […]
I never walked abroad in air, I never saw the sky, Nor knew the sovereign touch […]
Jonathan Roumie, Jesus Christ in “The Chosen”, took the stage at the 2023 March for Life […]
Adapted from Catholic News Agency website. This sad, heartbreaking yet inspiring story of dedication to faith […]