WARNING: this not for viewing by young children and for teenagers only under adult supervision.

Although animated, this is still graphic and violent. There is no way we can make this more antiseptic as abortion, especially in the 2nd trimester and beyond, is always gruesome and violent.

The Cook Labour Government have introduced a Bill into the WA Parliament to extend abortion for any reason whatsoever up to 24 weeks and then 24 weeks and beyond to birth, if 2 doctors thinks the abortion is “appropriate”. 1 of the doctors who decides can be the abortionist.

No pain relief. A veterinarian would not do this to your pet without administering pain relief. And if the unborn baby by some miracle makes it to birth, then the baby is left in the Petrie dish to die alone without any medical treatment and no one will ever know she died this way as her death will now become “nonreportable”.

If you’re a medical practitioner and patient requests an abortion you are obliged to refer the patient, without delay, to an abortionist or an abortion clinic.

This makes a complete mockery of the so-called conscientious objection provisions and makes the Medical practitioner directly complicit in abortion.

The Cook Labour Government claims overwhelming public support for this. I do not believe that that is so and I am sure you to also are outraged by this.

We therefore ask that you act immediately by contacting your MP and objecting to the Bill.

The Right to Life Association of WA asks that if the Bill is to be passed, it be amended to require pain relief for the unborn baby and to require the Medical Practitioner to provide the same medical treatment (as would be given to a child born naturally) for a child that survives an unsuccessful abortion.

You should also ask that the doctor not be made complicit in this barbaric act and that the existing conscientious objection provisions be retained.