Many Australians are unaware that all vaccines used in Australia today – for any disease – are based on the tissue of aborted children

This shocking revelation may give Australians pause to consider whether they want to continue vaccinating their children – especially when there are alternatives available or being developed.

And so it is with the corona virus.

There are at least two vaccines under development and testing. One is based on the tissue of aborted children, the other is not.

Australia still has a clear choice.

As a nation we can choose to support and fund one or the other. Similarly we can provide aid for other countries based on the use of one or another.

The Right to Life Association of Western Australia has written a letter to the Prime Minister about this, through our affiliation with the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life.

We have asked the Prime Minister to choose the vaccine that does not take advantage of the horror of abortion, regardless of whether that advantage was originally (or still is) taken as a conscious decision or not. We have asked him to choose the one vaccine that is untainted by human sin, regardless of whether all other vaccines are so compromised.

So far he has not replied.

We are urging all Australians to contact their member of Parliament on this issue. There is no sound medical reason why we cannot have a vaccine for Covid 19 that is acceptable to all Australians, one that does not use the tissue of our unborn children.

Steve Klomp
Right to Life Association of WA
(08) 9221 7117