Good afternoon,

My name is Anouska Firth, I am 35 years old and have known Perth, Western Australia as home, for my entire life. This video is my submission to the WA Health Department review on abortion;

Abortion destroyed my life (and the life of my two unborn children). I am still a mother, only now I am the mother of two dead babies. This will never change; I cannot get them back. This is the direct result of the abortion access and laws in place in Western Australia.


I implore the department to see the lifelong trauma, pain and heartache that is entwined and unavoidable, which comes at the cost of abortion rights. I implore the department to help end the massacre of the countless defenseless, innocent unborn and help the women of Western Australia avoid the excruciating pain, loss, and trauma that severely damages their lives and in turn, all those around them. THAT is true healthcare.

Thank you for your time,


Anouska Firth