Read Anouska Firth’s response (a Right To Life WA member) to the West Australian article (Mon, 19 December 2022) by Bonney Corbin on Google’s abortion advertisement ban.

Dear Ms Corbin,

Your article in today’s West Australian has left me grieved. Whilst I strongly disagree with what you have said based solely on your clear ignorance on the top you’re discussing, I also feel an overwhelmingly strong sense of pity for you. Not because of anything you’ve said-for that I am outraged and bewildered- but because underneath your twisted statements is someone who is clearly so detached and so broken from reality and her own identity as a woman.

You compare taking pills to kill a headache to taking chemicals to destroy your own growing child within you. What happened to you? That you would be so disgusted at the miracle of human life that occurs at conception and so rage against the beauty of the essence of womanhood; carrying and delivering a baby through pregnancy. Your utter contempt for all things maternity is stained across each line of your article; your urgent need for the destruction of these tiny souls and the state of budding motherhood screams from the page.

I am sorry for whatever happened to you to leave you like this; no woman, no mother, should hate herself, other women, or her own child so much as to demand the propagation of such brutality. Women have been magnificently created with the incredible opportunity to carry and nuture new life. It is not a headache or pain to kill and shut down, but a miracle to be celebrated and embraced! Not all circumstances surrounding pregnancies are ideal, I understand, but that doesn’t take away at all the truth and reality that there is a tiny human gift growing inside of you and you are already that baby’s most dearly beloved mother.

I for one, am going to be celebrating LIFE this Christmas; the beauty and the joy of it, in all of it’s various shades and complexities. I am grateful I am alive and I will encourage as many as will hear me of how grateful I am that they are too.