Kate Hedley from the WA Today website published an article about our prayer vigils outside abortion clinics. The article, ‘Anti-abortion protesters ‘upsetting clients’ as they return to picket Perth clinic’ is dated May 29th 2020

You can find a link to the article below.

The article is factually incorrect, biased and misleading. It is likely the article was published in support of the proposed safety zone laws. Perhaps journalist Kate Hedley (and the Marie Stopes clinic that inspired the article) are attempting to stir up support amongst politicians for the zone law.

It would be a great pity if the politicians heeded this type of article rather than actually visiting the site during the vigils to see our work first hand.

Naturally the Right to Life Association of Western Australia protested the article.

I wrote an email to Kate Hedley on Monday 2nd June. Here is a copy of the email:

Hi Kate

I read your article entitled ‘Anti-abortion protesters ‘upsetting clients’ as they return to picket Perth clinic’ in WA Today dated May 29th 2020.

Thank you for your writing.

However, as the President of the Right to Life Association of Western Australia – the organisation coordinating the prayer vigils – I must protest.

The article does not represent what is actually happening at our Prayer Vigils, and it is very biased and misleading.

If you would like a more balanced view on the situation please give me a call at any time.

We have been conducting peaceful, prayerful vigils outside the Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Midland, and the Nanyara Abortion Clinic in Rivervale, for nearly twenty five years.

We are the last opportunity that Mums have to talk to someone about their child and to understand the options available to them to save their child, before they enter the clinic.

Our vigils are peaceful and prayerful and we have saved the lives of many children through our presence.

Kate you may not be aware that our vigils are held under police permit. The police have only just reissued our permit – and only for the Midland Marie Stopes clinic – with the first vigil last Friday 27th May.

The permit conditions are quite strict:
– there is no social outreach permitted.
– A maximum of four attendees at any given time.
– Two metres between prayer vigil attendees.
– And we are only there on Friday mornings from 7AM – 9.30AM.

Hardly a ‘picket’ or a ‘protest’ is it?

Steve Klomp
Right to Life Association of WA

Kate’s incorrect, biased and misleading article: https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/anti-abortion-protesters-upsetting-clients-as-they-return-to-picket-perth-clinic-20200529-p54xoo.html