Abortion activists are using the Coronavirus pandemic to push their abortion agenda. This time they are pushing home abortion.

They have already coordinated to launch this idea in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom… with, no doubt, more G20 countries soon to follow – and then the rest of the world.

Sadly Germany and the UK have in fact already accepted their proposal by making it part of a set of coronavirus-related measures.

That is how fast things can go when bad lobbyists and bad politicians come together.

The abortion activists’ pitch goes as follows:

Women are having a difficult time getting to abortion clinics safely, because of the coronavirus situation in different countries. Therefore we should implement measures to let women be prescribed abortion pills by their General Practicioner, even after only a telephone or videoconference consultation (so called “telemedicine”).

Next the pills would be delivered by post.

Abortion activists have wanted to make these pills easily available through General Practitioners for quite some time. It is shocking they are using the coronavirus crisis as an excuse to push this through, in the hope that it will remain policy after the crisis.

Women can then have an abortion at home.

The consequences are clear. Getting an abortion will be easier than ever. The number of unborn babies that are killed will increase. And more taxpayer funds will flow to the abortion industry.