We all abhor the possibility that anyone can die whilst in police custody or in gaol. It is a blight on any society and we need to take steps to ensure that everyone is protected, as far as that is humanly possible. After all, we all should be defending life from conception to its natural end. We all should stop pretending that ignoring or worse, encouraging death is OK.

However, a look at the black lives matter movement reveals that they are hardly concerned with saving the lives of African Americans at all (they don’t seem to mention any other cultural or race group). It follows that the Black Lives Matter chapter in Australia also doesn’t seem to be that interested in stopping the death of Indigenous people in Australian prisons. I wish they were.

Rather, the BLM movement is all about promoting abortion, transgenderism, homosexuality, social disruption and non-traditional marriage. I suppose that is alright as far as it goes, assuming you are not a practicing Christian or a practicing member of any of the other faiths that oppose those practices. But why pretend that your are concerned about African American lives when in reality it is just a means to add to the cancel culture and to fuel social disruption? What is the real agenda here?

The picture tells an important story (courtesy Life News.com). The people being arrested were outside a planned parenthood centre in Washington (you know the group – they are the big baby killers in America). They were using chalk to write slogans that said ‘black, pre-born lives matter’.

Now you would think they would be praised, rather than arrested woudn’t you? If they had been one of the many who attended a rally instead, even during the Corona virus crisis, and if they had painted slogans then (as many did) they would not be in custody. If they had written ‘Black Lives Matter’ in huge yellow letters on a Washington DC street they would not have been arrested either. Yet there it is.

So what is happening? The truth is that abortion is a racist and eugenicist practice. All of Planned Parenthood’s abortion centres in America are in African-American neighbourhoods. And even though the African-American peoples of America make up only 12% of the population a black child in its mother’s womb is six times more likely to die than a white American baby.

Black lives matter, huh? Of course they do, but not to the Black Lives Matter movement. They are all about cancel culture and social disruption.

All lives matter, born or unborn, young or old, sick or healthy, and in any of the colours that make up humanity.