Sunday Times Journalist Jenna Clarke wrote an article about our prayer vigils last Sunday, 15th November 2020, which was absolute rubbish.

Here is my response:

Hi Jenna Clarke. I am the guy in the photo you used in your article on page 22 of today’s Sunday Times. You didn’t name me specifically – maybe because you used a file photo and the names weren’t added to it at the time – but you did take a serious swipe a the organisations I work with. Seriously, I can live with the abuse. It is not like those of us who stand for life haven’t copped abuse before. And we are prepared to live with it if it will save the lives of even some of the children who are killed in their mothers’ wombs. And we are prepared to live with it if it means we can help stop even some mums from living a lifetime of regret. Let’s be honest: there is no getting away from what happens at an abortion clinic. Children are killed for money, and no excuse in the world, no argument about respect, no changes in the law and certainly no false accusations are ever going to make that OK.

But on the other hand Jenna, do you think you could take your job as a journalist seriously? Maybe get some of your facts right before you write this sort of trash? I mean I forgive you, obviously, because the Lord expects me to, but couldn’t you at least make a pretence of getting some facts right? Do you really think it is factual to say that the vigils are stunts? They have been going on for more than twenty years Jenna. Kinda long to be called a stunt, don’t you think? Do you really think we give unsolicited advice? We are under police permits Jenna – and under the terms of those permits we are actually not allowed to talk to people unless they approach us first. So there is nothing unsolicited about it. Do you really think an abortion is a health issue Jenna? Well it certainly is not for the child that dies. It is certainly not for the Mums who often have a lifetime of mental health issues as a result of their abortion. It is certainly not for those who develop breast cancer as a result of their abortion.

Do you really think we use low resolution images of zygotes Jenna? Is that how you would describe the baby in the file picture you used?

And your comment about a woman being unable to financially support herself when she finds herself pregnant? Do you know how much help is available Jenna? And tell me Jenna – do you really think women aren’t pressured into abortions? Maybe you should spend some time on the vigil line before you write this rubbish. Maybe you should see what happens to the women who go there. Maybe you can look them in the eye when they come out, shattered with the realisation of what they have done, and then try to convince them they are lucky to have the legal right to do what they have just done. Yeah, lucky. Then you can talk to our people and see how loving they are, how prayerful, how peaceful, how ready to help if a woman approaches them and asks. Or you could ring me at the Right to Life Association of WA. That organisation has been working to defend life for more than fifty years – so I guess it is not much of a stunt either. It will give you the opportunity to throw some abuse my way, but it is also an opportunity for you to hear some truth. And who knows, then you might even be motivated to write the truth in your paper. It is a pity you didn’t give us a call before you wrote your article.